1999-2021 Ford Super Duty Parts

Super Duty Parts

1999-2021 Ford Super Duty Parts

Super Duty Parts
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Super Duty Parts

As the Twentieth Century drew to a close, the Ford Motor Company turned the automotive industry upside down once more, by revamping the famed F-Series in time for the 1999 model year. Newly minted ‘Super Duty’ trucks, drew a clear line between the larger F-250/350s and the lighter edition pickups. Because they were so popular, the cries for quality Ford Super Duty Parts grew louder by the day. CJ’s is dedicated to helping you find the best Super Duty parts so that you can enjoy all of the thrills of owning a Ford pickup both on the highway and the trail!

In the ever-changing automotive world, one thing has always remained the same: In the realm of American pickup trucks, the Ford F-Series reigns supreme! First introduced in 1948, the Ford F-Series has evolved with the times to create dependable, versatile, American-made trucks to meet the needs of their loyal customers. Whether you are an active off-roader or if you mainly stick to the major highways, Ford F-Series pickups offer both comfort and power and are durable enough to keep you safe in just about every driving situation.

Out of the many trucks that the F-Series has trotted out over the last seven decades, the F-150 is a cut above the rest. A four-time winner of Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the Year Award, the F-150 has been the best-selling nameplate in the U.S. for over 40 years, and Ford has always done what it takes to keep the ball rolling. As potent as the F-150 is, however, the light duty pickup is not meant for all hauling and towing situations.

Because the Ford Motor Company has always been on the cutting edge of industry trends, in late-1998, the automotive giant attempted to bridge the gap between the light/medium duty trucks and larger F-250 and F-350 models. In one-fell-swoop, the Ford Super Duty nameplate was born!

The Beginning

For many truck owners, ‘more power’ is always the name of the game! In order to accommodate skilled contractors, as well as those that are seeking commercial/industrial pickups, Ford unveiled a new line of Super Duty trucks that were designed to haul heavy equipment when necessary.

In contrast to the popular F-150, Ford Super Duty pickups feature a unique, heavy duty chassis and a suspension system that allows for a higher payload and a greater towing capacity than any of its predecessors.

In an effort to separate the Super Duty trucks from the pack, for the 1999 model year, Ford constructed its F-250 and F-350 pickups to both appear and function differently than F-150s. Unveiled in time to bid farewell to the twentieth century, the First Generation Super Duty trucks were produced with three cab configurations: two-door standard cab, 2+2 door SuperCab, and four-door crew cab options. The extremely luxurious interior, combined with the powerful V8 engine allowed Super Duty trucks to quickly established themselves as true pioneers in the automotive industry, and the early success would lay the foundation for the years to come.

While Super Duty trucks set the tone for what experienced laborers and businesses wanted out of heavy-duty pickups, Ford would get plenty of company in the early genesis of the new millennium. Following the success of the Super Duty line, General Motors quickly threw its hat in the race, debuting the Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD for the 2001 model year. Because they were so popular, and the F-Series was not short on competition, the need for aftermarket Ford Super Duty parts became even more prevalent.

Early Updates

After maintaining the status quo for the early stages of its First Generation, Ford Super Duty trucks received several cosmetic changes and performance alterations for the 2005 model year. The exterior facelift included a remodeled bumper and a modernized grille, to go along with the upgraded headlights. The new front-end added a distinct look to help differentiate the vehicle from its predecessors and set the tone for future redesigns in the coming years.

The 6.0L Power Stroke engine, which lasted from 2003-2007, received a slight modification in 2005. The horsepower remained the same at 325, but the single-turbo diesel boosted torque to 570 ft-lb. The higher engine output led to the introduction of four-wheel disc braking system, with two piston calipers.

The revamped brakes gave way for changes to the truck’s wheel well, which was met with high-acclaim. In order to accommodate the disc brakes, 17” wheels became standard, and 18” options became popular aftermarket upgrades for Ford owners that were eager to give their trucks a more aggressive stance.

The cosmetic alterations, automatic transmission options, and upgrades in towing capacity and payload breathed new life into the First Generation Super Duty trucks. After having minor changes slowly introduced from 1999-2004, the 2005 makeover proved to be the perfect mid-generation refresh and helped the Ford F-Series continue its reign atop the truck world.

Second Generation

Though a number of issues delayed the debut of the Second Generation Super Duty truck, the Ford Motor Company made the wait worth it for the 2008 model year. By popular demand the 6.0L Power Stroke single-turbo V8 became a thing of the past, and the all-new 6.4L twin-turbo Power Stroke Diesel V8 with piezo fuel injectors were welcomed-fixtures in Super Duty trucks. Because the masses were clamoring for horsepower gains, the new 6.4L motor delivered 350 hp and 650 ft-lb of torque.

Throughout the Second Generation, Ford fans were presented with a dilemma pertaining to their engine compartments: Diesel or gas? Between 2011-2016, gas engine enthusiasts got to choose from either the 6.2 L (379 cu in) 16-valve V8 or 6.8 L (412 cu in) 30-valve V10. The V8 put out 385 horsepower (287 kW) and 405 pound-feet of torque. In contrast, the mammoth, 6.7L Power Stroke V8 produced 390 horsepower (291 kW) and 735 pound-feet of torque. In 2011, in an effort to compete with rival trucks, Ford boosted the Power Stroke output to 400 horsepower (298 kW) and a whopping 800 pound-feet of torque.

Since bigger always means better, the F-250, F-350, and F-450 pickups received larger front fascias in 2008 and raised the bar even higher in 2011, which provided the Super Duty trucks with even more attitude. In addition to the larger exterior features, the pickup models underwent an interior shift that would delight Ford fans of all walks of life.

In 2011, Ford introduced the two-bar grille, which would remain the same until the 2017 facelift. The interior modifications included a newly-designed main cluster, which was flanked by a new-look tachometer speedometer on the left and right respectively. In between the speedometer and tachometer lied four small secondary gauges, which provided a major boost to the already-innovative inner cabin.

Following a successful redesign in 2008, the Ford Super Duty line continued its success through the 2011 makeover and remained in a class by itself. Because F-250s, F-350s, and F-450s stayed so popular, many Ford owners sought out aftermarket Super Duty parts, in order to keep up with the arms race, and allow their pickups to perform at an ever higher-level!

2017: The Year of the Super Duty

If Ford’s line of Super Duty trucks did not have everyone’s attention already, the full-redesign in 2017 proved to be a game-changer. For the 2017 model year, the F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super Duty trucks were reworked from the ground-up and received a host of changes across the board, including improvements to the undercarriage, the engine compartment, and the interior.

Because you can never put a price on comfort, 2017 Ford Super Duty owners enjoyed a much roomier interior, along with all of the infotainment and sound enhancements that had previously been aftermarket add-ons. Some of the benefits included adaptive cruise control and a multi-camera system that provided drivers with an all-inclusive, 360-degree view around the vehicle, which allowed Ford owners to back up and maneuver through tight-spaces like never before.

The 2017 Super Duty featured technological advancements that extended well-beyond the inner cabin. New LED headlights helped announce Ford Super Duty trucks to the world while expanding a driver’s line of sight to levels that had only been achieved through aftermarket upgrades in year’s past. Not only did the LED headlights substantially impact the driver’s vision, but the new illuminations helped give the Super Duty trucks a more modern appearance, even when the lights were not fully-lit. Speaking of a modernized look, Ford expanded on the two-bar grille in 2017, by widening the front-end to include the headlights into its design.

In 2017, the Ford Motor Company lived up the “Built Ford Tough” mantra with its new line of Super Duty trucks. In order to ensure top-flight towing capacity, payload, and performance, Ford Super Duty pickups were built with significantly larger frame rails and crossmembers, made out of 95-percent high-strength steel.

Despite the added bulk, Super Duty trucks were lighter than ever, thanks to the lightweight aluminum body panels and pickup box. In a rare combination of unrivaled steel construction and a lean foundation, the 2017 Super Duty trucks packed a powerful punch, despite being hundreds of pounds lighter than previous generation models.

Building off the success of the 2017 model year, the Super Duty became immortalized in late 2016, when the powerful Ford pickup brought home Motor Trend Magazine’s coveted Truck of the Year Award. Since the turn of the century, the light-duty, F-150 won Motor Trend’s top recognition four separate times, but the 2017 model year marked the first time in which the Ford Super Duty had broken through the glass ceiling.

By taking some of the popular concepts of the F-150, while still maintaining its status as a heavy-duty chassis pickup, Ford created something truly unique with its latest Ford Super Duty redesign. With the recent increase in popularity, the need for aftermarket Ford Super Duty parts to help Ford owners distinguish their vehicles has grown even stronger.

Find the Best Ford Super Duty Parts at CJ’s

Though you may be extremely proud of the way that your Ford Super Duty truck looks and performs, there is always room for improvement. Depending on when you purchased your Super Duty, chances are that you might have missed out on some the advancements in infotainment, and safety. If you are looking to increase your visibility after sundown, or if you have grown tired of your boring, factory lighting system, a new set of Super Duty LED lights will allow you to conquer the terrain and continue your on and off-roading excursions after sundown.

Similarly, though your truck is built to last, it is always best to expect the unexpected on the highway and on the trail. After many years of battling the elements, as well as road debris, many of your exterior Super Duty parts can become subject to unsightly rust or corrosion. Driving around with damaged or worn-out Ford Super Duty parts not only looks bad, but could present a host of safety concerns for you, your passengers, and the other drivers. The best way to prevent any long term issues is to swap out any damaged components for replacement Ford Super Duty parts as soon as possible.

After proudly serving Ford Mustang, Focus ST/RS, and Bronco, F-100, and F-150/Raptor customers for many years, CJ’s is ecstatic to introduce a new line of parts for Ford Super Duty trucks to its ever-growing online catalog. CJ’s is your one-stop shop for premium Super Duty parts that will allow you to take your one-of-a-kind pickup to the next level! In order to serve a wide range of needs and wants, CJ's offers a large selection of parts for Ford Super Duty trucks, including engine, exterior, exhaust, interior, and lighting components among many others.

Aftermarket Super Duty parts not only look better, but offer higher performance options than many factory alternatives. Be sure to note your truck’s correct year and other relevant information before you purchase any Ford Super Duty parts from CJ’s.

Whatever goals that you have for your mammoth pickup, CJ’s would love to help! Because they are so popular, Ford owners are flocking to aftermarket retailers, such as CJ’s, in order to help their trucks stand out from the pack. Additionally, fresh off of the Motor Trend Truck of the Year recognition in 2017, it is clear that Super Duty trucks will be a dominant force for years to come. What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ’s for the best Ford Super Duty parts on the market today!